Valley of Fire – 4th of July in Salt Lake City

Valley of Fire - 4th of July in Utah

Sometimes you want to be where the fireworks are (maybe not! You could get burned!). A view from the sky of fireworks at home and the valley on fire....

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Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point and Moab

The intro is down a river near Moab. The flight was riddled with mosquito bites, luckily the shot stayed steady and the view was amazing. There was another Inspire 1 nearby taking images also. We then travelled up to Dead Horse Point in Utah. It was a windy day, but the view was amazing....

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Goblin Valley / San Rafael Desert in Utah

San Rafael / Goblin Valley in 4k

An adventure in the desert. There is nothing more beautiful than the red rocks of Utah (except maybe the gorgeous beaches of Grand Cayman or… ok, there are many beautiful things). We had a weekend with amazing friends and family in the heart of the San Rafael Swell area just 30 minutes from Goblin Valley. This spot will always have a special place in our hearts....

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